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Intuitive Readings


What is an intuitive Reading?

Many ask just what does an Intuitive reading mean. Well ... you are welcome to call and ask any questions you may have — or for a quick overview, read the following:

The intuitive reading will cover you and your life direction. Current and past challenges and paths, as well as for your loved ones will come about. Possible directions and insights will also come to light. A photo of your loved ones is helpful to connect quicker and with more accuracy, but not necessary. Photo reading, up to 5 photos are included in your reading. It is a very honest, down to earth, comfortable environment and in-depth heartfelt conversations often occur with very positive feedback.
You are welcome to ask questions at any time.



  From C.M.

  I am feeling this sense of energy in my body I have never felt before. Or a least not as strong. I went to Angela for a reading because I wanted to know what I was feeling. It was an amazing reading. At some points she actually said what i was thinking. I now feel like i can move forward in my life with less worry and anxiety. To just be me and let life happen. Thank you Angela!

  From A. W.

  Connecting with Angela was a beautiful experience. I got information that answered many questions, got me to see things things from a different perspective and allowed me to feel clear as to what steps to take next!

  From R.G.

  I found Angela's website while looking for something else. Without being sure why, I felt compelled to call the number. When I did, I knew before she finished explaining what she does, that I wanted to have a reading. This lady is legitimately “tapped-in”.
  With a presence both warm and inviting, yet comfortably professional, Angela has the benefit of both solid footing in the material world, as well as the innate knowing she's had and honed since childhood. She understands the part of me that is inclined to trust, and also the part that finds it all a bit weird... but her unique background allows her to explain things in a way that puts both sides at ease. While she clearly has a strong connection to the intangible, she also has a grounded way about her, bringing balance to the reading that keeps it accessible, relatable, and “real”.
  Aside from the relevance and accuracy of the things she knew, I was most impressed by her commitment to doing what she does for the purpose of helping. If there is something you need to know or understand, Angela will not let you go until you have heard it all. The message will be delivered in a loving way, in the absence of egoism, and if your reading goes anything like mine, it might freak you out a bit but will make perfect sense in the end. and leave you wanting to go back for more. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking healing or guidance through insight and truth.
  Many thanks Angela, and I hope to have occasion to work with you again.

  From C.T.

  I quite often do an internet search through the site called “Used”. Elements & Insights had been coming up in my search for the better part of a year before I acted. I realized that I needed to get in touch with Angela and act on this repetitive message to myself.
  She provides direct and accurate psychic readings from photos of your friends & family. When I had some difficulty interpreting her intuitive reading of a photo, she explained it to me in a clear, non- judgemental analogy or life experience.
  I left her home feeling cleansed and that I could finally lay to rest what had been a difficult period of my life. She is spiritually gifted & provides a gift from the heart for her clients. She truly values a gift from the heart for her readings as well. Sometimes the greatest gift one can give is anything but monetary!
  Thank you Angela. I will return!

  From J.K.

  Within the first few minutes of my first session with Angela I was blown away with her detailed reading of events in my life. Throughout the session I found myself both laughing and crying as she spoke to me with incredible details of past, present and future. I was fortunate to have a family member "show up" in my reading to let me know she was with me and my kids. I felt so at peace and comforted after my session with Angela, and am so excited for more sessions in the future! I'm ecstatic to have found Angela, she has an incredible gift!

  From K.M.

  I was going through a pretty tough time and somehow I just found Anglea. She was so welcoming and really helped me understand myself a lot better. She was dead on with details and gave such wonderful insight in regards to my situation. both her intuituve and her reiki, (Which I had never tried before) were so insightful and helped me see what to improve. She really did help change my life. I will be finding her again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! and bring her baked goods haha

  From M.H.

  Angela was very comfortable to talk to. She helped me open the door to hear and listen to my intuition again - a door I had slammed shut many years ago. She was extremely accurate with her reading. She revealed feelings I was having which I had not even verbalized to anyone. I felt comfortable and relieved that I was actually on the right track. Her reading confirmed what I was doing was the right decision. Thank you Angela. I will be back!

  From C.S.

  Over the last 20 years I have seen many, and I mean MANY, intuitive readers. Most of them told me what I wanted to hear, allowing me to leave the appointment with a happy (but fooled) spirit. But when I listened to those tapes 6 months later I would realize that most of what was said ... was totally off, and that I had just wasted my money once again.
  But then, I met Angela.
  I will never go anywhere else.
  I had never met Angela (nor heard of her) before Jan 2014, so when I booked an appointment with her I was just following my instincts and did not know what to really expect.
 But I am so glad I followed my inner voice that took me to see her!!!
 Angela is truly astonishing.
 She will not only tell you things from your past and present that will make your jaw drop, but she will tell you predictions you can confirm as extremely accurate for the short time.
 In my case, when I saw her on January, I was EXTREMELY sure that certain major events would happen in the next 7/14 days, and I felt like my life depended on them (that was the circumstance I had created around them). Breaking my heart, she told me those events would not happen yet. And they will not happen for a long time. Which forced me to face a reality I wouldn't have been able to without her words.
 And when I now listened to the tape, almost six months later, I can verify that everything she said would happen ... actually happened!!!
 And this time, instead of regretting wasting my money, I was thrilled to meet her for a second appointment.
  Angela is helping me immensely to progress on my own path and I am ever so grateful.
 To me, Angela feels like a phenomenal life/spiritual coach that will always show you the best path for you. Not necessarily the one you think you want, but one that will make you evolve.
 A coach that gives you what almost feels like an unfair advantage.
 Don't tell her I said this ... but she should be charging at least twice what she charges.
  She helped me to place myself into a more evolved and balanced reality. That is one of the talents of her I value the most: it is not just about throwing at you cool data about yourself, but her true gift consists in guiding you into a better you. Into a person that can enjoy the peace and happiness you deserve.
  You can sense, putting that gift of hers at your service ... THAT is her mission in life.

  From T.M.

  I just had my second reading with Angela yesterday (because the first one was so good!). Once again, Angela was able to deliver the goods when I need some clarity. She focused in immediately on what was going on in my life, and was able to go into great detail about it. I really didn't have to ask her any questions (although there was plenty of opportunity to ask also), but I usually just found myself agreeing in amazement that she could pinpoint something so precisely without being given any information other than a few photos! How could she know?? She delivers this very accurate information in a straightforward and direct, yet gentle manner that gets the point across easily, and is usually delivered with a little story or some great examples so it all makes more sense. Angela really made me see things differently and change the way I think, as well as question 'the why' in thinking the way I do.

  From R.D.

  This was my first experience with an intuitive reading, and Angela was fabulous. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but Angela provided a very relaxed and comfortable environment. Within minutes she addressed the top three questions/people I had wanted to bring up, without me saying a word. Her accuracy is astounding. I will be back for a follow-up reading!
  Thank you again for the opportunity to experience your amazing gift. I am going to work on my 'homework' and will probably book my follow-up reading in a couple months.

  From L.G.

  My reading with Angela was amazing. I felt she already knew me before I even sat down with her. She was insightful and accurate in her reading and made me feel more in tune with myself. I would recommend Angela to anyone who is open to discovering more about their true self

  From S.S.

  My reading with you was amazing and I once again wanted to thank you but I am emailing you because the most incredible event happened after I left you. In our reading you asked me, "what is your thing with birds?" I told you I was terrified of them and had an old school belief from my grandmother that a bird coming into your home means death and many times in my life that has proven true for me. You then said I needed to look at birds differently and that those times they were actually trying to send me a message. You also suggested that I look into my spiritual animal.
  Well I didn't have too because the next day my dog and I were walking along the beach at Esquimalt Lagoon and I saw a seagull on the shore line being crashed on the beach by the waves. I walked over to it and looked at it and could tell by his eyes he was still alive but barely. I couldn't leave that bird I tried to leave and to tell myself this is nature and this stuff just happens. I couldn't leave him and I went to my car and got a towel and went into the water and picked him up, carried him to the grass area. I tried to leave again he was out of the water and I did what I could. Your face and voice in our reading popped into my head and I knew I had to face my fears and help him totally.
  Long story short (kind of) I called Wild Arc and they told me to cover his eyes with the towel, tuck in his wings and bring him to them. I did exactly what they said, terrified the entire time. I put him in my back seat and off we went to Wild Arc.
  I called about him at first daily to see if he was still alive and the first couple days they operated on him because he was making weird throat noises and they found a entire fish spine in his throat. They removed the fish spine and he also had three puncture wounds. Slowly he got better and he was finally released back to the world on April 15th and I named him "Jonathan".
  I just had to share that story with you because you helped me face my fears and old school superstitions and look at birds in a positive way.

  From T.C.

  My reading with Angie was both overwhelming (in a good way) and thought provoking. She encouraged me to look within myself to find balance. She helped me to too see where I could find a path to happiness in my personal relationships. I loved my reading and felt a real connection immediately to her insights.

  From J.D.

  Angela was friendly and welcoming and I felt at ease on arrival. The reading she offered was something that gave me a perspective I had been looking for, and provided me healing, reassurance and guidance. I would recommend her services, as she is the real deal

  From T.M.

  After the first reading with Angela, I felt like I had a spiritual awakening. I don't know what else to call it, but I found I saw things and understood things differently, so much differently than before and I felt such joy and confidence; my vibration increased tenfold! When she feels really strongly about something, she gets 'the goosebumps of truth!' I love this and find its a powerful affirmation.
  I would say Angela is so much more than an intuitive, but more of a spiritual or intuitive counsellor and friend, offering great insight and advice in an easygoing and friendly manner.
  I would not hesitate to highly recommend this incredibly gifted lady!! She is the 'real deal.' Thank you so much again Angela!

  From V.D.

  As a 52 year old woman who wasn't feeling particularly fulfilled with life I recently decided to treat myself to a psychic reading. Why not? I thought to myself, at the very least I'll be entertained for an hour or so. Psychic readings, in various forms, such as tarot cards, pendulum's and even crystal ball's were not completely foreign to me. Sometimes I'd get lucky and find a reader who'd "hit the nail on the head" so to speak, but most of the time, I must confess, I had serious doubts about the so-called psychic's visions which all to often never materialized.
  However, call it luck, or a touch of fate but I was about encounter an individual named Angela who's contact information happened to be on the local 'Used Victoria' website. I called shortly afterwards, spoke to Angela and arranged to pay her a visit the following evening. After pouring us some tea Angela sat across the table with a friendly face and not a prop in sight then gave a brief summary of how she is able to provide her intuitive insight. A minute or so later the reading was underway and there I was about to get a reading from someone who had true psychic ability and gave me her insight and information in an effortless and accurate manner. The details she passed along to me were substantial and not in the least bit vague, which, quite frankly, shocked me. I sat there wondering 'how on earth, can she know that' as I filled up with my next round of questions. My reading lasted almost two hours and was worth every penny. I never, at any time, felt rushed during the process.
  About a week later, I wanted to know even more so I sent Angela an email. I was impressed I and wanted even more information regarding other areas of my life. This time around I thought I'd try the double session where Angela and her husband Frank do a combined intuitive/tarot reading. It turns out that that the couple met, in part, through their mutual talent and ability to predict the past, present and future. Again, I was impressed as Frank had me draw some cards, and gave a precise reading as Angela offered more her unique perspective on the situation. I found them both to be very genuine and helpful and have already recommended their service to others.