discovering your authentic self

From Angela


Life has a way of turning full circle. One of my circles has been Reiki, but I didn't know it at the time. I can recall as early as a child of six knowing how to use Reiki. How? I have no idea. It was just there.

My sister, who was supposed to go out for the day with her boyfriend, was curled up on her bed moaning in pain. She suffered from horrible migraines among other ills. She would be at the "end of her rope" so to speak. One day, I had the courage to try something that I had always felt compelled to do when she would get into such an agitated state. I asked her if she would try something for me. She looked at me like any older sister would, with limited patience for what I was going to propose. But intense pain has a way of making you consider things you may never have considered otherwise. She agreed. I asked her to lie down and close her eyes. I then asked her to concentrate on her breath, helping her achieve a meditative place in her mind and body. How I knew to ask her to do this, again I have no idea. Next, I started the "laying of hands" in areas that just felt like she needed it, and held them there feeling them tingle and burn. After several minutes she relaxed to the point where she felt in control again and after several more she looked at me in complete surprise. Her migraine, which had left her thrashing in pain, had lessened to such a degree that felt like it was a wondrous release. The gripping talon squeezing her skull had uncurled itself releasing her from its grasp. She got up off the bed, gave me a rare happy hug and bounced out of the room, calling back a "Thanks, I'm going to call John now". And off she went. Just like that.

Over the years many cumulative events have come to pass in my life's journey and led me to become a Master Reiki Practitioner. I have learned a great deal about the "just knowing" part of me. I have also come to discover an intuitive energy healer side to myself. And that journey has brought me here to share this gift with you.

Life intrigues me. I try to learn at every opportunity. I came across the following video one day, and it made an impression on me. I think my reasons may be different then perhaps yours, but watch it all and see if it doesn't make an impression on you.

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Angela's gift has been present since childhood. A Master Reiki practitioner and medical intuitive, she is also a skilled psychic intuitive medium who specializes in photo and object psychometry. Angela is also a member of the FIND ME group out of Arizona. Find Me is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of talented intuitives, law enforcement officers, scientists, and professional search & rescue volunteers from all over the world. This unique group offers not only practical support through the expertise of investigative strategies, the experience of retired law enforcement, and skilled search & rescue professionals, but also the talents of hyper-intuitive individuals. Since its inception Find Me has received over 400 requests for help, and the number of requests are increasing. Their network of 200 screened volunteers work collectively together to locate the missing and solve homicides.